Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why Coddiwomple?

I first heard of the word "coddiwomple" through a friend's post on Facebook. This post linked to an article describing a variety of words about travels and journeys. 
While Migrating Miss travels the world - visit her site Migrating Miss to increase your traveling vocabulary too - my puppy, Jazzy, and I will stick to the good old USA. We'll only be traveling where our truck and toy hauler can go.
And so the first step to beginning our journey - purpose to go wherever the trees and wilds are - was what do we call it. After reading through Migrating Miss, I (we) decided on "Coddiwomple."
To travel purposely toward a vague destination - coddiwomple. Exactly what I needed! I indeed know why I want to travel. I know what I want to see and visit. But what exactly is my destination and when will I get there? That's the coddiwomple of it!
Follow along with us through all our adventures.

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